On March 9th Father Kildani invited us to a special luncheon he hosted for the workers he has employed to construct their new cathedral and his LDSC supported the water reclamation project. We also saw the beautiful cathedral he is building, pictured below.

2016-3-9 Kildani's cathedral 4

2016-3-9 Father Butros and E Phillips

This is Father Butros. He actually has a daughter attending BYU! 🙂

We are proud to announce that the Al Hussein Society sewing center has gained the respect within the community as having some of the highest quality seamstresses, they are sewing tote bags and tool kits for our wheelchair training project. We are supporting job creation for wonderful people who are also helping us.

2016-3-6 AHS Sewing Shop

One of the most rewarding moments of our week for Sister Phillips and I was when we had the opportunity to be a guest at a conference sponsored by AHS to introduce several key groups to the 2016 Arabia CSR Network Awards Program. We were privileged to accommodate Princess Majda Raad at the ceremony. She is a Royal sponsor of AHS and sits as the honorary chair of their Board of Directors. She was a delight to associate with and was extremely appreciative of all the work LDS Charities had done within the country.