The less-abled children are being helped by trainers at Al Hussein Society (AHS).  The eager faces of the little children light up the room, as you can see in the cute photo below.

2016-2-28 Boy working on steps AHS 2

2016-2-28 KANZ Sewing shop

AHS Seamstress works on tote bag for wheelchair training project.

The community continues to inspire us. Sireen Syouf is one with especially innovative ideas.  She will be hanging MormonAD posters between large sheets of plexiglass. They will be hung all around the hallways in the JOHUD school for girls at high risk.

2016-3-2 Sireen and Sandra with posters

In addition to the wonderful progress that has been made with our humanitarian aid projects we have had the amazing opportunity of receiving a personal invitation from Father Haddad to attend a night of entertainment at the Jordanian Royal Cultural Center. The event was sponsored by his Interfaith Coexistence Research Center and the Council of Christian Church Leaders. We were accompanied with several other religious groups with about 20 dignitaries form each of these religious sects.

2016-2-29 Interfaith cultural event Phillips 1