We have found that team teaching a class together has been a means of testing our matrimonial linkage in a positive way. Our styles are almost diametrically opposed but we have managed to bring our differences into balance. My style is more pedantic based on facts & figures while Sister Phillips is more dynamic with object lessons, personal stories, and anecdotal metaphors. For many years we have enjoyed teaching together in many church teaching assignments. When we decided to serve a mission we envisioned many spiritually uplifting teaching moments with our combined approach. Although we have an added challenge of being in a non-proselyting mission, we have found ways to teach without necessarily preaching.

One of these teaching opportunities is lecturing at the University of Jordan’s public health class. The course has formed around the way life-styles are associated with major public health problems. This week the subject was “smoking.” We had a very lively discussion about the bad results and ensuing costs of a very dirty habit. 48% of Jordan smokes with the largest being in the male gender but studies show smoking among females is on the rise. The costs of smoking, the effects of second hand smoke, advertising and laws governing where one can smoke in Jordan were all discussed. The students freely admitted that even if the laws prohibit smoking in all public buildings, no one feels an obligation to observe the law, including those who created the law and those who are to enforce it. We finished off with some good information on how to quit. We think we may have encouraged those students who do smoke to reconsider their life style and its impact on their families. What a great opportunity to teach the principles of the Word of Wisdom.