Sister Phillips and I have braved the Californian earthquakes and fires that would threaten our sweet home, and we have survived Idaho’s bitter storms of cold but we had yet to experience the natural perils of Jordan until now. We had made plans to make a trip to the south of the country in Aquba, in hopes continue to build public relations. Within a matter of seconds we found ourselves consumed by a whirlwind of dust. Roads immediately closed and accidents seemed to be materializing along the highway like wildfire. The visibility was limited to no more that a few feet in front of us and the stop and go traffic caused vehicles to vanish any time the cars were pressed to move a few feet forward. It ended up being a blessing in disguise for us as we were able to divert to Madaba to visit our dear friend Osama to renew relations established by our predecessors. As usual, he was very gracious and excited to see friends from America.

The Khamsini phenomenon, that affects North Africa, the Arabian peninsula and the Levant, is a dusty, hot, cyclonic-type wind originating in the Atlas Mountains (in Morocco and North Algeria).

Its name “Khamsini” was derived from the Arabic word khamseen, meaning 50, because it occurs over 50 days between March and early May and affects the region on average once a week during the 50-day period.

2016-3-15 Rd to Madaba 22016-3-15 Rd to Aqabq 3

In addition with our visit to see Osama we were able come in contact with princess Majda Raad and her grandson. She has been a philanthropist for Al Hussien Society, supplying us with sewing tools and materials. She loves working with LDS charities and several times requested to have additional meetings with us in the future.

2016-3-12 E Phillips, Princess Majda, her grandson and Annie AHS

Al Hussien society is a place that will touch you heart the moment you walk through their rustic doors. One particular group I have grown close to is the KENZ sewing shop. KENZ hosts local less-abled people employed by AHS to make items to be sold for revenue to support AHS needs. LDSC provided the sewing machines for this shop. We have engaged them in the production of materials for our Major Wheelchair Initiative. All of them take so much pride in their work and are such sweet spirits. Wafa, the talented director of KENZ is modeling some of the hats made by the individuals apart of the program. Seeing this tender program grow is heartwarming.

 2016-3-12 E Phillips and Wafa KENZ Sewing shop