Today we attended the kickoff ceremony for Interfaith Harmony Week (First week of February, as designated by the United Nations), at the largest mosque in Jordan. As invited guests of Father Nabil Haddad, a great friend of the church and highly respected Catholic in Jordan, he arranged for LDS Charities to attend this event. The ceremony drew 500 key people from politics, army, humanitarian work and various church leaders. Father Haddad was the keynote speaker. Everyone was hugely friendly. Jordan’s tolerance for all ethnicities and religions allows this type of peaceful interaction to take place.

Interfaith Harmony Week

To Reed’s left are two high ranking Greek Orthodox Archbishops. They were jolly men to whom we gave our business cards from LDS Charities. This was about 15 minutes before the meeting started. All chairs eventually filled in.

Interfaith Harmony Week 2
The grand Mufti (highest official of religious Islam law in Jordan) is pictured in this photo with our friend Father Nabil Haddad of the Roman Catholic Church, and Reed.

Interfaith Harmony Week 3Interfaith Harmony Week 4
In this photo you can see the inside of the mosque and some of the attendees right before the meeting started. (Sorry for the quality, its a photo of a picture someone else took). I think I was the only woman in the center section. Women sat on one side and men on the other, but as guests of the Keynote speaker they ushered us down to the front center section. Majority of women covered their heads for entrance, but it was not required. Out of respect for their religion I chose to wear a scarf.