2016-1-11 Father Haddad at the Center

Father Nabil Haddad of the Catholic Church. He was happy to stand in front of the LDSC sign for the photo attached. He’s a highly respected Christian here in jordan, and was invited to General Conference, had tours of BYU and humanitarian centers—last October. He loves LDS people because of their values and morals and wants his own daughter to go there. Father Haddad was so impressed with what he saw during his visit to Utah last October, especially the happiness exhibited by those he met at General Conference and at BYU, that he openly and quite literally has a testimony of family values taught by the Church. We’re doing some humanitarian projects with him and his church. Lots of planning for the upcoming World Interfaith Harmony Week the first week of February.

2016-1-7 Phillips presenting check to Father Kildani

Martyrs of Jordan Church Water Harvest

We visited with Father Kildani and delivered $5K bank check to him as a down payment for his water cistern project–a cistern to collect water in their parking area to help with water storage for the shortage in this country. He said he will immediately schedule the engineer to draw up the plans. He suspects it can be done in 2-3 months. We will continue to monitor the progress.

Father Kildani gave us two books on the biblical and historical background of Jordan correlated with current geography. We had fresh squeezed orange juice and did a photo op. He loves to talk about nutrition and his new weight loss program which is something we can comfortably discuss because of Sandi’s graduate nutritional background