We met with GUVS (General Union of Voluntary Societies on Jan 10. This organization has imported six shipments of wheelchairs over the past three years. They have experienced issues with licenses, bills of lading, etc. Average cost of wheelchairs is under US$100.

2016-1-19 GUVS and LDSC Teams

GUVS and LDSC Teams

2016-1-19 Cullimores and GUVS President

Cullimores and GUVS President

2016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting E Cullimore and Phillips

Elder Cullimore and Elder Phillips


We were able to host Elder and Sister Cullimore for several days. We took them to the Al Hussein Society (AHS) to observe the placement of some beneficiaries in wheelchairs that have been provided by LDSC (LDS Charities). This was our first experience seeing the fruits of the wheelchair project, and it was quite fulfilling. On this distribution day, about 15 people were fitted with new wheelchairs.

The little boy seen in the photos below was being lifted into his first wheelchair. The Physical Therapists measured him for the correct size chair and seat bottom cushion, then lifted him into position. He is lucky to have a mother and father who care about him, despite being poor. Heretofore, his parents had to carry him everywhere he needed to go. He was apprehensive at first, but look at the happiness on his face as he got put into position! He thinks the wheelchair is a very special toy. He clapped his hands as best he could. I had to turn away for a minute to get composure as I was overwhelmed with joy.

2016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting 32016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting 22016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting 42016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting 72016-1-19 AHS Wheelchair fitting 1

What a wonderful experience we will have over the next 22 months!