Sister Phillips received a personal invitation to accompany the director of Al Hussein Society (AHS) and attend a garden party at the home of Princess Majda Radd, the Royal Patron of AHS and cousin of the King. This was a “girls only” party so Elder Phillips was invited NOT to come. It was an elegant affair in true royal fashion. Sister Phillips said the real Princess party fulfilled all of her little girl dreams.

The Schneller School water treatment and delivery system was finally celebrated after nearly a year of effort. This unique project allows water to be filtered but then piped into 8 individual dormitories where up to 20 orphan children live with a dorm parent. The ceremony was attended by many graduates of the school who are now prominent business leaders in the area. The photos below are of us at the ceremony, and of us trying the new filtered water! Delicious!

2016-5-27 Schneller School original Well

This is the old pumping station they were using